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Kaleidisco is hyped to host its 3rd YEAR at North Fork Championship!

Headphone prices:
We are giving you the option to reserve your headphone for each event you choose, This reservation GUARANTEE'S you have a headphone for that DAY, even if we sell out.
Reserved for day: $10
Rented at event: $5

Event Schedule: June 13-15
MAIN EVENT Saturday 1-3 PM : Jacob’s Ladder ~ Mile Post 86 Hwy 55
Friday: 3 PM ~ The North Face BoaterX race on S-Turn rapid of NF Payette
Thursday: 10:30 AM ~ Kokatat Qualifier race begins at Otters Slide Campground

We are lucky enough to work with North Fork Championship & Red Bull the last two years to bring the biggest Kayak event in the world to a whole new level! Our headphones extended the range of the DJ to reach the half mile length of the race coarse. It is truly an amazing experience and we can't wait for another year with these guys!!!

Kaleidisco headsets give the audience the chance to hear who the racer is, race time, ranking in real time, information of event etc! While watching the racers work there way down the course, its hard to know who is who and what is happening, we make it so you don't miss a second.

About Us


Kaleidisco started in March 2016 as a joint vision to bring something unique to Boise. Since then we have been doing our best to bring the experience to any occasion: from concerts to movies, to after parties and pre-parties, to sporting events and weddings. Kaleidisco is so special to us, and we want you to experience it as well.

Let us share our passion with you,

A Silent Disco is an experience where people listen to audio that’s broadcast, over three separate channels, to their personal wireless headphones YOU get to choose what you want to listen to, and without the headset on it is virtually -Silent.



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Boise, ID

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